From The Founders

It was February 12th 2000, and a woman sat her young daughter down at the table.

Her brows were furrowed. "I've lost my job. We can't afford to pay your school fees, but we'll try to figure it out."

Her daughter left the conversation worried about leaving the life she had built at a school she had worked so hard to get into.

Two days later, the woman spoke to her daughter again with a relieved smile. "I spoke to the school today. Mr. Quinlan said there is no reason such a good student like you should miss out, so they're waiving your school fees for the year."  

This young girl went on to complete her studies in the state's top school, graduate with a law degree from one of the country's best universities, build a successful banking career and launch multiple businesses. 

This young girl was me. 

As a 13 year old I was given one of life's greatest gifts: a micro moment of kindness that made all the difference.

And when I met my now co-founder, who has her own examples of having experienced similar micro moments of kindness, we decided our purpose at for u was to pay this forward to other women.


for u is for the woman who wants to do more and be more. 

She backs herself and is willing to work for it. But she knows that she can't do it alone.

We built for u to give this woman time back so she can do more of what is important to her. 

We built for u to give her cash back so that she can be more - by treating herself with kindness for her hard work; or donating it to charity in an easy, seamless way. 

We built for u to support charities who educate and empower less advantaged women who also want to do more and be more.

We look forward to growing our community of these women.

And we hope you'll join us. To do more and be more, together.  


Co-Founder, for u